Raglan South Project Area: 89,027 hectares (219,990 acres)

A road system connects the Raglan Nickel mine to the Deception Bay tidal port situated 120 km NE of Vaubert Lake.

Déception Bay

Déception Bay



The Vaubert Lake properties are located in the Ungava Peninsula, 130 km SSE of the community of Salluit, Quebec which has year-round air service and a seasonal port. A road system also connects the Raglan Nickel mine to the Deception Bay tidal port which is situated 120 km NE of Vaubert Lake.

The property consists of two holdings with the northern position at 780 claims covering 32,687 hectares, and the southern location 7.5 km south with 1,334 claims covering 56,340 hectares.

Vaubert Lake was staked to encompass some of the highest concentration of lithium, cesium and rubidium lake sediment anomalies in the entire Quebec Resources Ministry lake sediment database.

Both claim areas are adjacent to a regional north trending sub-provincial terrane boundary of tonalite to the east and gneissic rocks to the west. Terrane boundaries are intimately associated with proximal lithium deposits of northwestern Ontario (Breaks et al., 20031). Mafic volcanics trends featured by magnetic lows transect both claim areas and make excellent hosts for fractionating rare-element pegmatites from fertile parental granites (Breaks et al., 20031).

There are ten (10) historically mapped pegmatite outcrops of note on the northern claim block with an additional five 5 pegmatites indicated on the southern claim area.

Lithium Geochemistry Samples

Northern Area

  • 19 samples +97% (28.5 ppm)
  • 14 samples +99% (37.3 ppm)
  • 6 samples +99.85% (50.8 ppm)
  • 1 sample 99.96% (60.1 ppm)

Southern Area

  • 23 samples +97% (28.5 ppm)
  • 10 samples +99% (37.3 ppm)
  • 5 samples +99.85% (50.8 ppm)
  • 2 samples 99.96% (60.1 ppm)

1 Breaks, F.W., Selway, J.B. and Tindle, A.G. 2003. Fertile peraluminous granites and related rareelement mineralization in pegmatites, Superior Province, northwest and northeast Ontario: Operation Treasure Hunt; Ontario Geological Survey, Open File Report 6099, 179p


Lake Sediment Samples*
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Magnetic Survey - Tilt Derivative*
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* Independent Survey Report 66179 (overlaid above) supports QC Gov’t data. Per:



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