LEAF RIVER Project Area:
75,256 hectares (185,961 acres)


The Serindac Lake properties are located 180 km WSW of the community of Tasiujaq which sits on shores of Leaf Lake at the head of Deep Harbour on the west side of Ungava Bay.

The property consists of 4 individual holdings, with the larger one identified as Serindac West, consisting of 868 claims covering 39,528 hectares in one package, and the Eastern Serindac holding consisting of three individual blocks for a total of 781 claims covering 35,728 hectares.

The Serindac Lake claims were staked to cover prospective geology with known pegmatites proximal to extremely anomalous lake sediment values of lithium (Li), cesium (Cs) and rubidium (Rb).

The claim group consists of a mix of mafic volcanic rocks, granodiorite, tonalite, amphibolite and felsic volcanic rocks. Preliminary mapping (1998) was limited, but identified mafic volcanic rocks, within EW to WNW trending magnetic low features. Mafic volcanic rocks make excellent hosts for fractionating rare-element pegmatites from fertile parental granites.

The anomalous rare-element lake sediment values are also associated with distinct NNW to EW trending regional structures in the west block, and EW, NE and NS structures on the east block. Structure is key to providing pathways for parental melts and rare-element pegmatite bodies.

Lithium Geochemistry Samples

West Area

  • 23 samples +97% (28.5 ppm)
  • 10 samples +99% (37.3 ppm),
  • 7 samples +99.5% (42.6 ppm)
  • 4 samples +99.84% (50.6 ppm)
  • 1 sample 99.97% (63.7 ppm)

East Area

  • 26 samples +97% (28.5 ppm)
  • 19 samples +99% (37.3 ppm),
  • 9 samples +99.5% (42.6 ppm)
  • 2 samples 99.86% (51.4 ppm)


Lake Sediment Samples*
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Magnetic Survey - Tilt Derivative*
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* Independent Survey Report 366582 (overlaid above) supports QC Gov’t data


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