Nevada, USA

The property is located in White Pine County, Nevada approximately 35 miles (57 kilometers) west of the town of Ely, Nevada, the White Pine County Seat. The property position consists of a total of 33 unpatented lode claims. The claims cover an area of approximately 660 acres (267 hectares). The claims are staked on U. S. Government land administered by the U. S. Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) and the U. S. Forest Service (“USFS”). 

Geophysical surveys and additional Enzyme Leach soil sampling is recommended for the next exploration phase. Initially a gravity survey is recommended. Gravity is a relatively inexpensive method that is expected to continue to point to general areas of interest. It will also help to define which geophysical method is to be attempted next. Following the gravity survey and depending on its findings, either a CSAMT or IP survey should be conducted. These methods will extend the knowledge of the subsurface geology and provide targets for drilling. 

The first round of Enzyme Leach sampling provided additional data to target future exploration. In the next exploration phase, additional Enzyme Leach soil sampling is recommended. Approximately the same number of samples as the first survey should be collected and should extend the coverage toward the south. The cost of the sampling and geophysical programs is expected to be approximately $150,000. Discovery is in the process of contacting selected exploration contractors to fulfil the requirements of this recommended program slated for mid 2023. 


British Columbia, Canada

Joint Venture with Cariboo Rose Resources Ltd.

The Koster Dam claims are located in south-central British Columbia west of the Fraser River approximately 14 kilometres southwest of the Gang Ranch and 9 kilometres northwest of the Empire Valley Ranch. The City of Williams Lake, located 80 kilometres north of the property, is the nearest regional commercial center. 

As stated in the Listing Statement dated September 23, 2022, the Company has completed Phase 1 of the exploration recommendations and is currently discussing Phase 2 program for 2023 with its Joint Venture Partner Cariboo Rose Resources Ltd. The Company will announce its 2023 exploration plans when finalized. 


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