North Shore, Gulf of St. Lawrence:
10,420 hectares (~25,748 acres)

An underexplored region with tantalizing data and easy access to major global shipping routes and areas of Interest with Limited Historic Exploration


Lac Belanger & Lac Ferland: 8,329 hectares  (~20,581 acres)

Lac Roberston: 2,091 hectares (~5,167 acres)

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The Lac Robertson project is located immediately west of lake Robertson and encompasses 18 square kilometers. Lake bottom sediments of Lac Robertson are highly anomalous in lithium and the lake overlies a large gravity and RMI anomaly. Taken together these anomalies imply a fertile source intrusion underneath Lac Robertson. The Lac Robertson Project covers potential pegmatites visible in satellite imagery.

The Lac Belanger and Lac Ferland projects are on the north coast of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Quebec and encompass 80 square kilometers combined. The claims are located on metasedimentary terrane near fractionated granites that are potential source intrusions for LCT pegmatites. Pegmatites are described in the region by the geological survey of Quebec and were mapped to the south along the coast where mapping occurred in detail. Lithium in lake sediments on the claims is up to 15 times enriched with respect to the immediate surroundings. 

Large Pegmatite Outcrop, Lac Belanger, Quebec


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